three-piece band from Gothenburg, Sweden with members of Suis La Lune and Tjuvjakt
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being away from the ocean for a month has made it apparent how much I need it to maintain sanity. I am lost and out of my element. this is an SOS



everyone on the subway in tokyo seems to use a book cover so that no one else can see what they’re reading, as though it would reveal something too personal about the reader


These photos were taken in 1995 of the sarin gas attack on the Tokyo subway, killing 13 commuters, seriously injuring 54 and affecting 980 more.

The attacks were orchestrated by the cult Aum Shinrikyo and their leader Shoko Asahara.

At the cult’s headquarters in Kamikuishiki on the foot of Mount Fuji, police found explosives, chemical weapons and biological warfare agents, such as anthrax and Ebola cultures, and a Russian Mil Mi-17 military helicopter. There were stockpiles of chemicals that could be used for producing enough sarin to kill four million people. Police also found laboratories to manufacture drugs such as LSD, methamphetamine, and a crude form of truth serum, a safe containing millions of dollars in cash and gold, and cells, many still containing prisoners. On the evening of 5 May, a burning paper bag was discovered in a toilet in Shinjuku station in Tokyo, the busiest station in the world. Upon examination it was revealed that it was a hydrogen cyanide device which, had it not been extinguished in time, would have released enough gas into the ventilation system to potentially kill 20,000 commuters. Several undetonated cyanide devices were found at other locations in the Tokyo subway.

Tokyo dadaist collective Chim Pom flocks a murder of crows through the city using a fake bird and crow calls over a megaphone in response to Tokyo’s ‘war on crows’ - in which the government trapped and gassed over 100,000 of them.

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Desperately looking to tap into the Tokyo punk/hardcore and surf scene. I’ve heard Chiba has decent waves. Can anyone on tumblr attest to this or point me in the right direction? I’m staying in Edogawa for the month. If anyone wants to be friends and doesn’t mind my poor japanese, please let me know! xo

shred lyf

shred lyf

foals - late night

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gonna miss my room

gonna miss my room

charizma & peanut butter wolf - Methods

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